About Us

Garden City

Garden City began in 1989 in the South Texas border area then moved to Central Texas in 2001 to be closer to children & grandkids. From 2001 until 2014, using my Construction and mechanical background, I worked for large property holdings and even in Iraq for over 2 years in the HVAC/Electrical field, then as an inspector for the Army Corps of Engineers. In 2014, I purchased commercial and residential properties in Temple for investment with some possible use as a landscape material yard, and formed Taskwise Property Services, L.L.C.

I then acquired my retail location in Belton on Hwy. 190 & Loop 121, Garden City, hiring trained staff both in Garden Center work as well as construction and painting. With my more than 30 years both in Garden Center and Construction experience, I am striving to give the homeowner as well as commercial property owners real experience and knowledgeable answers to their property needs. 

Garden City proves it is possible to compete with the Big Box stores with the over 30 years expertise obtaining suppliers with quality shrubs and trees at a competitive price. With our equipment and trained staff, we can deliver and plant large trees. Also giving customers sound experienced advice, on their landscape shrubs and tree purchases, is our goal.

"Not just a garden center. Your one stop for ALL your home's needs, from planting large trees to most residential repairs."